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According to the online dictionary, wikipedia: Mozilla Fire fox is a free, cross-platform, graphical web browser developed by the MozillaFoundation and hundreds of volunteers .

Fire fox empowers you to browse faster, more safely and more efficiently than with any other browser.� It's time that you experienced the best in web browsers. Get Fire fox right now for free by clicking on one of the links to the left.

Browser Features:

Tabbed Browsing
Save time by viewing more than one page in a window
Pop-up Blocking
Block annoying pop-up ads
Better Privacy and Security
Help keep computers safe from malicious spyware
Google Toolbar
Enhanced search box suggests queries as you type
Firefox download has a new version available! Better ... everything!
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User Feedback:

I have been a computer user for over 20 years, and a power user for the past decade. I have to say that for once the hype is true over Mozilla's Fire fox Web Browser. I could tell after the Firefox Download went through immediately that I would be a fire fox user for life. -E.J.

As far as speed and useabilty goes, Mozilla Fire fox blows everything else out of the water. -R.D.

Explorer just kept crashing on me, and netscape was just too slow for my computer, and I thought to myself, there has to be an alternative, and then I found Fire is literally 25 times faster than the other browsers on my computer. -S.K.

It's not the speed that has me hooked on the fire fox browser, but the versatility.- J.R.

Mozilla fire fox is not only the best web browser ever, but it is really good at information management. I get my news headlines, weather, stock quotes, and more from it, all that and I don't even have to go anywhere on the net! -K.W.

You know that commercial about the guy who finished surfing the net... well he must have been using firefox...cause it just wouldn't be possible with any other browser. - Anonymous


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